Friday Link Round Up–Recruiting Board Members

by Michele Martin on October 17, 2014

Welcome to the Friday Link Round Up! This week we’re sharing some links to help you with recruiting new board members.

Right From The Start: What Your Nonprofit Needs in Three Easy Tables–To strategically recruit new members for your Board, you first need to understand the gaps in your Board membership. These three tables will help you get clearer about the types of people you need to recruit for your CIL Board.

Board Member Job Description Sample–Just like you want a new employee to understand the duties and requirements of their job, it’s important to let prospective Board members know your expectations for Board members. This sample job description provides a nice template you can customize to recruit the right members for your Board.

Board Recruitment Webinar–This recorded webinar from BoardSource offers some good suggestions on the board recruitment process. (Note that this has not been made accessible through closed captioning.)

Guidelines for Recruiting New Board Members–some good advice, plus links to a sample Board application and a Board Recruitment Grid that will help you address diversity issues in recruiting for your Board.

Ditch Your Board Composition Matrix–You need to focus on what your Board needs to DO and having the right people on Board to help you accomplish these things.

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