Friday Link Round-Up

by Michele Martin on October 26, 2012

A few links for your Friday:

After you get past the ableist language, this is a worthwhile read. Blinded by Expertise-“Social change leaders are too wedded to our sector expertise; we’re often blind to the importance of other sectors and to the complex strategies needed to tackle big issues. As a result, we sometimes invalidate the work of other sectors (and others invalidate ours).”

Beyond the Cause: The Art and Science of Successful Advocacy–A comprehensive study that identifies five essential approaches to successful advocacy and analyzes the effectiveness of advocacy on issues facing the entire nonprofit and philanthropic sector.

24 Ways to Be Uncommonly Productive Today–Some good tips here. Focus is key.

How to Tell a Story–Advocacy, marketing, fundraising–these are all things that require us to be better story-tellers.

Organizational Self-Assessment: Putting Your Finger On What Needs to Improve–A nice collection of questions to explore.

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