Friday Link Round Up–Prototyping

by Michele Martin on September 21, 2018

Design thinking is something we’ve discussed in previous posts. For today’s links, some strategies for prototyping–making mock-ups or models of your ideas to try them out with users.

The Magic of Paper Prototyping–Paper prototypes can be a great way to try out new websites, forms, etc. before you commit to creating a full change.

8 Common Methods and Best Practices for Prototyping— A useful list of the eight most common prototyping methods, together with best practice tips that help you maximize your prototyping and testing sessions.

6 Common Pitfalls in Prototyping–Traps that teams can fall into when prototyping.

6 Tips to Prototype a Service–Often we may want to prototype a service. Here are tips that can help.

30-Minute Activity to Solve Your Toughest Work Problems–A great way to experiment with the process of prototyping and discover the benefits it can provide.

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