Friday Link Round Up: Collaborative Overload

by Michele Martin on September 7, 2018

By some estimates, employees spend up to 80% of their time on collaborative activities–meetings, emails, phone calls, etc. But all this collaboration can lead to stress, burnout, bottlenecks in decisionmaking and more. This week we explore “collaborative overload” and strategies for addressing it.

Collaborative Overload— An overview of the problem and some strategies for addressing it.

Wasting Time at Work–A look at the costs and consequences of collaborative overload.

Tips for Avoiding Collaborative Overload–Suggestions on how to use the 4 P’s of productivity to avoid collaborative overload.

Create an Email Charter–Setting guidelines around email expectations can be a great way to avoid collaborative overload.

The Magic of 30-minute Meetings–Increase meeting effectiveness by creating shorter-more focused meetings.

Team Collaboration Tools–Break out of emails and meetings to collaborate by exploring and using some of these other tools.

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