Friday Link Round Up: What Makes People Care?

by Michele Martin on August 24, 2018

In this week’s Round Up, strategies for communicating more effectively, based on the science of what makes people care. The first article in the list lays out 5 principles. The other four help you make the most of these principles.

The Science of What Makes People Care–Effective communication is not simply about getting your message out. It requires you to strategically tap into what shapes people’s feelings and values. Here are five principles pulled from social science that will help you connect your work to what people care most about.

31 Call to Action Examples You Can’t Help But Click–Effective calls to action follow three rules: They are specific; the target community sees how the solution will help solve the problem; and they are something the community knows how to do. These examples can help get your juices flowing.

Nonprofit Storytelling Mini Guide–Stories are key to making people care. You can download a free mini guide to telling better stories at this link.

3 Tools To Take Your Visual Storytelling to Another Level–Visuals are key. Here are 3 tools that can help you communicate better with images.

How to Leverage The Power of Emotions to Improve Your Social Media Marketing–When it comes to moving people to take action, evoking positive emotions is more effective than focusing on the negative. Here are tips for using positive content in social media.

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