Friday Link Round-Up: Transparency

by Michele Martin on May 4, 2018

Increasingly, statistics point to one principle that correlates with happy, loyal staff: transparency in the workplace. This week we’re sharing resources to help you increase transparency in your CIL.

Complexity Demands New Approaches to Work–Social sector organizations must consider whether their internal operating system is serving them, their clients, and their pursuit of social impact. Sharing financials and having open meetings are a few ways to do this.

We Spent WHAT on Paper Clips?–An introduction to the concept of “open book management” where all employees see and understand the organization’s financial situation so they can work together more effectively to solve issues and problems.

4 Common Mistakes with Open Book Management–Some pitfalls to avoid in implementing open book management strategies.

9 Ways to Promote Transparency in a Non-Transparent Work Culture–Some easy ways to get started with greater transparency.

5 Strategies for Building Transparency in the Workplace–Five strategies to pursue to build greater transparency, trust and loyalty.

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