Friday Link Round-Up: Mentoring

by Michele Martin on March 30, 2018

Mentorship is a powerful professional development tool. In this week’s Round-Up, we share some links to help you re-think mentoring.

8 Types of Mentors: Which Ones Do You Need?–A good discussion of the types of mentors that can be useful on a personal “board of directors.”

Co-Mentoring–Co-mentoring is an efficient, free way to get and give help.

Reverse Mentoring–Pairing younger and older workers to mentor each other can not only develop skills for both partners, it can build stronger relationships.

The Art of Micro-Mentoring–Often you may not need an all-purpose mentor, but people who can help on an ad-hoc basis.

9 Characteristics of a Good Mentoring Relationship–What to look for and co-create in a mentoring relationship.

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