Friday Link Round-Up: Innovation

by Michele Martin on February 2, 2018

This week, we’re focusing on innovation.

Rockefeller Foundation Innovation Capacity Diagnostic–Use this tool to explore your CIL’s capacity for innovation along 6 factors and then access a suite of free resources to help you grow your innovation muscles.

Is Your Nonprofit Built for Sustained Innovation?–Using the Rockefeller Foundation framework mentioned above, this article has links to numerous organizations that are “walking the talk” in the 6 innovation factors.

Why the Ability to Fail Leads to Innovation–“Failure” is a critical part of the innovation process and we need to get better at it.

How I Organize My Week to Get Three Days of Deep Work–On an individual basis, one key to more innovative work is to create pockets of time for “deep work”–more focused time to dive in deeply to a topic or problem. Here’s how one person organizes his schedule to accomplish this.

30-Day Plan to Disrupt Yourself–The ability to “shake things up” is key to innovating. This 30-day exercise would be a great one to do with staff.

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