Friday Link Round Up: Working with Boards

by Michele Martin on August 25, 2017

This week we’re sharing some resources on working with your Board

Secret to Getting Boards to Address Critical Issues–From the Melos Institute, this article offers some strategies for dealing with “elephants in the room.”

How to Build an Effective Board–Tips to ensure that Board Members are engaged, fully participating, and the team operates at optimal capacity to help move your organization forward.

How to Have a Board Meeting by Telephone–Sometimes an in-person Board meeting isn’t feasible. Here’s how to have an effective phone meeting with your Board.

In Times of Change, Board Members Must Be Advocates–A good series of questions to explore with your Board members in adapting to our current environment.

How Nonprofit Boards Can Effectively Utilize Committees–Helps you think through forming and using committees to accomplish your goals.

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