Friday Link Round Up: Reflection

by Michele Martin on August 18, 2017

It’s easy to get caught up in constant action and “to do” lists, but pausing for reflection is an important aspect of organizational effectiveness. This week we’re featuring some links that will help you up your reflection game.

After Action Review–A step-by-step guide for conducting a review following a major project or event.

Want to be an Outstanding Leader? Keep a Journal–Reflection starts with individual practice. What would happen if you instituted a CIL-wide journal practice?

Creating an Organizational Culture of Reflective Practice–Several ideas for building reflection into the culture of your CIL.

Reflective Practice in Team Meetings–Although designed for educational teams, these resources can be easily adapted for your CIL.

4+1 Questions–This focuses discussion on four main questions: What have you tried? What have you learned? What are you pleased about? What are you concerned about? The answers to these questions lead to the ‘plus 1′ question – based on what we know, what should we do next? Because the 4 plus 1 questions are answered by more than one person, it groups together learning from different perspectives.

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