Friday Link Round Up: Fee For Service

by Michele Martin on May 19, 2017

This week we’re sharing links on fee for service resources.

Understanding Fee for Service Models (PDF)–This guide covers types of fee for service models and implications for decision-making.

9 Tips to Better Nonprofit Pricing–Nine pricing tips that simultaneously generate higher revenues and growth. Best of all, these tips emphasize the importance of better serving customers by offering pricing choices.

SCAN Pricing Guide for Community-based Organizations (PDF)–More extensive guidance on how to set prices.

Developing a Fee for Service Structure–Step-by-step guidance and discussion of issues to consider.

Answer These Questions Before Adopting a Fee for Service Model–Some excellent points to consider in the decision-making process.

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Darma J Canter June 2, 2017 at 2:38 pm

I’m old and I am unapologetic about adhering to the principles of grassroots organizing that created the IL movement. Was it anyone’s intention to build a corporate business model that would take on a provider identity?
CILs and SILCs are unique because they are inherently anti-establishment. “Change mainstream society” by building a local disability community that identifies it’s own advocacy priorities, empowers the people with the problem, through peer support and education, to determine how they will live in their community.
Incorporating as a tax exempt entity for the purpose of federal and state funding to carry out this unique IL mission / model is very different from your vision of perpetuating successful non-profits who have their own business agenda.
FEE FOR SERVICE, god help me! The IL Revolution has become the establishment treating the disabled as a business opportunity!
Speaking as a disabled woman, a consumer, I don’t need a program to ‘serve’ me. I have used many kinds of services and I will use many kinds of services and supports to live independently in the community; I have a business relationship with service providers. That is very different from needing peer support, empowerment, advocacy and systems change that is lead by me and my community. Only the CILs are funded for that purpose, but I am horrified by the ideological transformation you present as sustainable IL business. WTF ?????


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