Friday Link Round Up: Lean Startup

by Michele Martin on May 12, 2017

This week’s links are about the Lean Startup model and how it can be used in nonprofit settings.

How to Build a Lean Nonprofit at any Stage of its Lifecycle–Lean Startup is about creating entrepreneurial ventures quickly and efficiently. This article walks through how nonprofits can adopt lean methodologies in any stage of their lifecycle.

The Lean Startup Model for Social Entrepreneurs–A decent brief overview of the process as it applies to nonprofits.

Lean Startup Principles for the Social Sector–This free online course teaches you how to test, validate, and adapt your vision of change to ensure you’re creating the greatest impact and meeting the needs of your customers and stakeholders.

Prototype Your Service with a Storyboard–One of the key principles of the Lean Startup is experimentation. This article discusses how to experiment with service ideas by prototyping with storyboards.

Field Guide to Lean Experiments–A comprehensive guide to setting up and running experiments to test your ideas.

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