Friday Link Roundup: Collaboration

by Michele Martin on April 28, 2017

With this week’s links, we’re exploring collaboration.

The Collaboration Game: Solving the Puzzle of Nonprofit Partnership–“Nonprofit collaboration is harder than it sounds. Economics, game theory, and behavioral science suggest some lessons on how organizations might collaborate more often and more effectively.” Great article from the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Models of Collaboration: Nonprofits Working Together (PDF)–A discussion of 8 different models of collaboration utilized by applicants for the Collaboration Prize, awarded by the Lodestar Foundation.

Cross-Sector Collaboration: What the Tipping Point Looks Like–Some strategies borrowed from the private sector and adapted for nonprofit use.

3 Ways Boards Advance Nonprofit Collaborations–As your board sets strategic vision and direction, it will also want to consider the role that collaboration will play and how it can explicitly support collaborative strategies.

The Collaboration Hub–This site lets you look up articles, podcasts, videos and other resources to see how a variety of nonprofits have used collaboration to do everything from reducing costs and back-office operations to delivering programs and services.

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