Friday Link Round Up: Designing for Humans

by Michele Martin on March 10, 2017

Happy Friday and welcome to another collection of links!

The New Science of Designing for Humans–An excellent article that shows how we can design better programs and services by turning to behavioral science and design thinking.

Are You Solving the Right Problems?–Strategies for ensuring that you are focusing on the right “problems” when you are designing solutions .

Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet–Becoming aware of the ways that we humans have cognitive biases can help us design better programs and services. This is an easy-to-understand “cheat sheet” we can use to inform our thinking.

Gamestorming Cheat Sheet–This includes links to a ton of activities that support the human-centered design process.

Acumen Courses on Human Centered Design–Scroll down to find 3 free and extensive online courses to integrate human centered design into your work.

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